Is Balance Really the Key to Happiness?
If I could just find balance in my life, I'd be happy. 

Balance is a myth.

So many people are out there trying to find balance in their lives so they can be happy. Balance implies that there will be equal parts on each side. 

Often, this is seen as work vs. family. We try to put equal effort to our work as we do our family. I see so many people running themselves ragged trying to achieve that "balance". 

What if I told you that there was no such thing as balance between work and family or children and marriage or whatever things you are trying to juggle? I think we can focus so hard on trying to make things equal that we end up failing at everything. We end up not being a good employee because we are trying to cut back on work to make family a priority. We end up not doing a great job on the home front because we are trying to focus on that big project at work. 

Let's try this another way...

Maybe, instead of "balance" we can find our point of happiness. Sometimes this may outwardly look like the scale is tilted more in one direction than the other, depending on what is going on in your world. 

I know that there were seasons that I went through where my work consumed more minutes of my day than my family did. It didn't mean that I cared more for one than the other. It meant that for those days or weeks, I had to focus more on the work. If I had tried to keep my focus "balanced," I would have had more time at home where I was overwhelmed with feelings of stress and worry over what I should have accomplished at work. 

On the flip side, there have been seasons where my focus was much more developed on my family rather than work. I knew that during those times, I had to spend more time with my family or my work time would be consumed with worry about my family. 

Neither of these examples made me any less of a parent or teacher. They were what I needed at the time to find joy and happiness in life. I realized that I could thrive in both environments. 

Here's the trick for me... 

I focused my energy on what I was doing at the time. It sounds silly, I know. I stopped taking work home with me. How could I be present as a wife and mother if I was constantly working at home?  At work, I put my all into my job as a teacher. By focusing on what I was doing, I was able to find that point of happiness for me. When the lines started to blur, I had to take a step back and look at where I needed to refocus my energy to regain that happiness. It sounds simplistic, but sometimes the best solutions are just that. 

You need to find for yourself, where that point of happiness is for you, right now. This will change as things develop and change constantly around us. 

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