How to Kickstart a Healthy School Year

We all know that going into the school year can be like war on our systems as we get inundated with germs from all around the school house. Whether you are working in the school yourself, or you parent little darlings who bring those germs into your home, you need to be on high alert. You don’t have to suffer at the hands of those germs if you keep a few things in mind to keep your system going strong even when the going gets tough. If mama goes down at the hands of those germs, everyone suffers. I believe in being proactive in my health, so I’m going to share a few of my tips with you. 

Read all the way to the end for a recipe for my favorite Wellness Roller Blend.

# 1 Take a Probiotic  


Gut health is so important to staying healthy. Keeping your body in balance is key to staying above the wellness line. Probiotics have helped people with digestive issues, skin conditions as well as allergies. Taking a probiotic regularly can help your overall wellness immensely. I never knew what a regular digestive system felt like until I started taking a good probiotic. Seriously, “regular” can be a thing! Now, not all probiotics are created equally, so it is important to find high quality ones. I have some great recommendations if you are interested.

#2 Eat Your Greens


It goes without saying that a balanced diet is pivotal in keeping healthy. Eating your greens throughout the day provides fiber, vitamins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants to your system. Eating salads with your meals, or even making a meal out of a salad, is a great strategy.  I like to throw a handful of spinach into my fruit smoothie in the morning too. I don’t even taste it, but I know that I’m getting the nutrition I need. For a snack throughout the day, I love to grab a handful of snap peas and carrots. They say you should eat a rainbow of vegetables, so green is just your reminder to eat more vegetables. If salad is not your thing, you can always have some roasted or steamed veggies as a side dish. The idea is to keep eating your veggies throughout the day!

#3 Drink Your Water


Our body is 60% water and we lose water each day that needs to be replenished. Drinking water helps flush out your cells on a regular basis. We need to keep well oiled for our systems to run smoothly. I know that when I don’t drink enough water, my head starts to pound. This is because my brain needs water to function well. When I drink my water, my head feels better. This works much better proactively than as a reaction to my head hurting.  

We should be drinking at least half our body weight in ounces of water daily. 

This means that a 150 pound person should drink at least 75 ounces a day. Do the math and figure out how many of your favorite drink container you need to have each day. I needed to keep track for the first few weeks as I developed this new habit so I could ensure that I really was getting enough water in my day. Make a plan and stick to it!

#4 Movement


I know some people would call this exercise, but that may scare you off, so I’m calling it movement. Every day, you need to include some kind of movement in your day. This could be taking the dog for a walk, chasing a toddler in the yard, or doing an online fitness program. Of course, you can always go to a gym, but many moms I know struggle to find the time for that. The key in all of this is to get movement in your day somehow. You may find success with doing some movement before your day gets started so you don’t have the inevitable excuses crop up during the day. Partner up with a friend to go for a walk after work. If your friend is counting on you, it’s a lot harder to bail on that movement. (I may know that one from experience!) The point is get moving, release some endorphins and you will feel better, get stronger and you will be building up cardiovascular health in the process. Sounds like a winning strategy to me!

#5 Wellness Blend


Another thing that helps me keep my system in check is by rolling this Wellness Blend roller on the bottoms of my feet at night and again in the morning before I put on my socks for the day. 

In a 10 ml roller bottle combine:
  • 15 drops Thieves
  • 15 drops Melrose
  • 15 drops Lemon
  • 7 drops Oregano
  • 7 drops Frankincense
 Top with carrier oil and you are good to get rolling!

I hope these tips are helpful to you. They are the first steps on your way to wellness. Maintaining a strong immune system is not something to think about when you are already sick. We need to be proactive and take care of our system before we feel out of sorts and maybe you will find that you stay above that wellness line more often than not. I have other tips for you as well as a trusted source for my healthy toolkit. Reach out and I’ll send you more!

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