I try really hard to stay positive in life. I am seriously a glass half full kind of person. Lately though, it has been rough with all the things going on in the world. 

What do you do when the world seems so off kilter?

Here’s how I cope when things seem crazy around me. I can’t control the world, but I can do these things.

I focus on being mindful. 

This means that I turn off the noise and just appreciate being present in the moment as I go through my day. I wrote a whole post about Mindfulness for Beginners awhile back. If you missed it, check it out here. 

I put on my essential oils. 

This can mean that I seek out the emotional support oils in my oily toolkit. My favorites for this are Frankincense or Palo Santo. Or I apply the ones that bring me joy like Believe or Bergamot. Sometimes, I walk up to my oil collection and just grab the first oil that really speaks to me. I realize that sounds super out there to some of you, but it actually works for me. I have a need and a particular oil jumps out to me as I scan the collection. Oftentimes, when I look up the properties of that oil in my reference materials, it turns out to be just what I needed. 

Not all essential oils are created equally. If you want to know what I use, send me a message and I can fill you in on what oils I trust for my family. 

I turn off the news and step away from social media. 

The endless chatter gets to me after a time and I have learned that for my own sanity, I need a break. That may look like completely shutting it all off, or it may be a matter of setting my own limits. Lately, I’ve been watching the top of the news hour for any actual breaking news. Then, I turn it off. I’ve also been spending a lot less time on social media. When I do go on there, it is usually for a specific purpose. Sometimes, I’ll set a timer for scrolling so I don’t waste half the day before I realize what time it is. 

I practice some self care. 

For me, that looks like taking a long soak in the bathtub with Epsom salts. When my family was annoying me this week through no fault of their own, I knew that I needed to get in the tub. I came out of it calmer and more appreciative of the individuals that live with me. For you, self care may look like taking a long walk by yourself, reading a book, going and wandering all the aisles at Target or getting a pedicure. It is up to you what works best to help you recharge. 

I turn my attention to others. 

I know this sounds strange, but hear me out here. I have found that in focusing on what others around me might need, I can often fill that need and support them. This gives me an outlet for my nervous energy. I can serve others, which is what I strive to do most of all. I check in with friends and family and I can control my response to their needs. This is something that I can wrap my hands around and do for the good of others. Do I get a benefit from it? You bet! My endorphins are firing all over the place and my mood increases by helping others. 

What is your favorite coping strategy? (Tell me in the comments below.)

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